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It's a Podcast, but it's also

Join us every week as we dive into women's health, spirituality, and what it means to view health from a holistic point of view. 

Body Wisdom Podcast

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life changing

From gut health, to breathwork, to hormones and nutrition, Kiara and guests dive deep into the topics everybody wants answers to!

The Foundations to Health

How to Merge Mind + Body

How are physical health and emotional health connected? And how can they work together to promote optimal health? Take a listen!

what you'll learn here: 

Encouragement as you Walk Your Healing Journey

You are never alone on your healing journey. Whether you've just stumbled upon the holistic health space or you've been walking this road for years, all are welcomed here. We will meet you where you are!


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Somatic Intuitive Healing with Stephanie Scarminach

How to Support Digestion with 5 Basic Steps

my favorites 


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Minerals & Fertility with Loren de la Cruz

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Creating Safety with Theresa Piela

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Latest Episodes

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I'm Kiara, your podcast host.

I’m an integrative women's health practitioner, and I help women heal themselves from the inside out using nutrition + breath. I'm so happy you're here.

Hey there!

More about me

Hey there!

Meet Gaby, your other podcast host.

Gaby is a Registered Nurse, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Gaby guides clients on their journey to optimal hormone, gut, and emotional health in order to achieve a grounded, yet lively and joy-filled life.

More about me

Five Star Reviews:

- whitney

"Every time I tune in to this podcast, my mind is blown and I can't scribble down notes fast enough. It's pure gold!"

Five Stars:

"Love this Podcast. Very informative with so many guests in the health and fitness field. I have learned more from this podcast than anywhere else. Keep it up! Keep keeping me informed. Love it!"

"I’m loving this podcast! She explains sometimes difficult to understand topics in an easy, understandable way. So good!"

- Shauna

"New favorite podcast! I am so excited for this new podcast, I love the variety of guests and topics that she is diving into! Looking forward to Tuesday mornings!"


"WOW! What a delightful, easy, clear, and fun way to learn about different topics regarding health, fitness, relationships, life, etc.
I thoroughly enjoy all your podcasts, they’re truly a Human Experience. I particularly loved Natasha’s interview. It was an eye opener, lots of great information. Thank you, Natasha, for sharing your wisdom and learned experiences.
Thank you, Kiara, for sharing your wisdom and your GOD-given gift of communicating your knowledge. I appreciate your openness and genuity. Keep up the good work."


- whitney

"Every time I tune in to this podcast, my mind is blown and I can't scribble down notes fast enough. It's pure gold!"

Five Stars:

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Coming Home to You Breathwork Series

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