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Behind the Scenes   

about me

I'm Kiara

I am a holistic health practitioner with 4 years of clinical experience as well as a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator & somatic experiencing practitioner in training holding the oh so sacred space for you as you observe & witness whatever wants to arise.

As a trauma-informed practitioner, I live what I teach every single day: how to create resiliency & flexibility within your nervous system to watch physical symptoms dissipate allowing you to live your dream life.

I love nothing more than spending my days slowly, carefully, and with intention. Read on for a little more about me and my practice.

I have a sweetie pie heart AND I'm picante (hello Aries 🔥) and I am a lover of tea time & vinyl records,  travel, and dancing all day long.

How Can I Help You?

I’m here to guide you towards your path to wellness. I use integrative and functional health assessment tools to help you get to the bottom of your symptoms that are keeping you from attaining your health goals. I then create evidence-based practical and achievable steps to help you address these root causes. This is done through an in-depth dynamic process of assessments, recommendations & tracking your progress.


Integrative approach

Lifestyle is just as important as nutrition for your overall health & wellness. Nutrition is life-changing and while food is medicine, that is only one piece to the puzzle. The integration of lifestyle practices into your personalized wellness plan is what sets my services apart. My lifestyle assessments and recommendations will address behavioral and environmental factors that impact your health, such as stress, sleep, thought patterns, physical activities, relationships, living space, community, occupation and exposure to toxins.


Personalized support

You are truly bio-individual. This means there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your health or anything for that matter. For this reason, your intake session will include a thorough health assessment that takes your bio-individuality into account. I then make evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations tailored specifically for bio-individuality. We will work together to track your progress over time and modify my recommendations if necessary.

about you

Our clients are hungry for healing, with a drive to get rid of their symptoms for good.

Does this sound like you? We would love to work with you.


Love health & the nervous system?

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Join us every Wednesday as we dive deep into all things gut health, hormones, nutrition, trauma & the nervous system.


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